The Parish of Ponteland

Vicky in Madagascar

Vicky Hopley has been part of our congregation for many years; her parents Pam and Peter used to run Hopley's Pharmacy in the village. Vicky has worked at Mandritsara Hospital in Madagascar for several years, and has recently started a new three-year term working in the Eye Department. While she was with us she worked with Penguins and helped lead several services. Some individuals and the Church as a whole have made a financial commitment to support her - if you would like to do so, please speak to Maureen in the Office. We also pray for her and the hospital regularly. To read the latest emails that Vicky has sent to us about her return to Madagascar click here, 13th Oct, 21st Oct10th Nov9th Dec, Prayer letter for January 2014, April 2014, May 2014, June/July 2014, August 2014, January 2015, February 2015, July 2015, August 2015, September 2015, October 2015, November 2015, December 2015, January 2016, February 2016, April 2016, May 2016 and June 2016.

You can read more about the hospital at the following link

Vicky was back in the UK during autumn 2014. She participated in the All Age Worship on Sunday 16 November, talked to the Mothers' Union, preached on Advent Sunday and we had lunch together. It was lovely to see her again. There is more information, and some photos, in Events 2014.

For more information about the hospital click here. Here is a video clip about the hospital and the work that it does.



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