The Parish of Ponteland

Holy Saviour

Holy Saviour, Milbourne - built in 1871 - may only have existed for a tenth of the time of St Mary's, but it is just as special. It is a Chapel of Ease, a church built in the parish to cater for those for whom journeying to the parish church was difficult - in this case, for Miss Bates and her staff at Milbourne Hall, to save them going to Ponteland.

It is rather ironic that, 140 years later, most people travel from Ponteland out to Milbourne on a Sunday morning. Ironic - but understandable. The 11.15 service is a little later than St Mary's, quieter than St Mary's, and appeals to a slightly older age range (though everyone - young and old - are welcome). It is also a lovely church, in a beautiful location.

Holy Saviour is open every weekend and bank holidays throughout the summer. Recently, marriages here have  become easier to arrange - so do consider our lovely church if you are looking for a small, special venue.


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