The Parish of Ponteland

Colour Creations

Sheila Cairns founded this group in 2001 - when there were 14 "banner babes". Over the years they have produced work that has brightened and enriched our church. We have a set of Christmas banners, another set for Easter, and a set of Northumbrian saints that was produced for our Summer Festival in 2009. A new banner was made for the 25th anniversary of St Oswald's Hospice in July 2011, and dedicated at a special service on 3 July.

Often hanging in church is a "Newcastle West Deanery" which was completed in 2007. Each of the 19 churches in the Deanery is pictured, the hills of Northumberland and the industry of the Tyne. The whole is surrounded by Jesus the vine, and each church is connected to that vine.

In the Chancel there is often a "Window Banner". Each 'pane' started out as part of a Second World War parachute - the original receipt can be seen at the bottom right-hand corner of the banner. The left hand panel depicts the birth of Jesus, the right hand panel has Jesus entering Jerusalem, then on to the Last Supper, his death and resurrection. It also shows his miracles, and the symbolism of, among others, Jesus as the Gate, the Bread of Life, True Vine, Living Water, and Alpha and Omega (A and Z, the beginning and the end)

Recently the group has made a green cloth to cover the main altar. It incorporates two fancy candle squares which are made from patchwork pieces from old narrow stoles which were discarded some time ago.

They also made Peter the Vicar a new purple stole in memory of his little son Theo Edmund who died in 2010. The stole incorporates Edmund's crown and arrows, and a cross with snowdrops (Theo died at snowdrop time).

For the Summer Festival of 2013 the group made a Lindisfarne Gospels banner that depicts the images of the Saints and the pages bearing the opening words of the gospels.

For more information, please contact Sheila Cairns This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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