The Parish of Ponteland

Bible Study Archive

During Lent 2011 five groups met in the parish and used the Bishop of Sheffield's Lent Course - looking at one of the psalms and some New Testament stories.

In the run up to Christmas 2011 we ran three groups looking at "The Promise of His Glory", a short course which studied the readings we use every year for the Carol Service.

During Lent 2012 we ran a series on the life of King David. He was referred to many times in The Promise studies, and this was an opportunity to learn more about him. The booklet is available by clicking on the image below. David Kossoff told the stories of David in his 1969 book "Bible Stories Retold", click here for the extracts.

For Lent 2013 we, and other churches in Ponteland, did a study based on the Lindisfarne gospels and the images of Christ seen in each of the Gospels. The Gospels were in Durham in summer 2013 so this Lent Course was a preparation for those celebrations. The picture was painted by the children of Richard Coates school and designed by their head of Art, Stuart Clogg.

For Bible Sunday at the end of October 2013 we held a Bible Exhibition in St Mary's church, click here for the webpage. A new bible study group started at John and Rosy Doherty's on Thursday evenings.For more information please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

There is also an Ecumenical Bible Study Group which meets on Thursday evenings at St Matthew's Church Hall. For details, talk to David or Carole Butler.

During Lent 2014 we had three groups meeting together, studying the York Course booklet "Build on the Rock; faith, doubt and Jesus. 40 people met together, sometimes forming new friendships, and others studied by themselves. Julie and Peter produced crib sheets for each session, which are available by clicking on the session here; session 1, session 2, session 3, session 4 and session 5. Details of the course booklet are at


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