The Parish of Ponteland

Bible Exhibition

Peter Barham and Susie Procter put together an exhibition for Bible Sunday 2013. Much of the material was lent by the North East Religious Resources - our thanks to them. You are welcome to browse the material, but please don't borrow it.

We start with the Lindisfarne Gospel, which we have been celebrating this summer. Our new banner shows us the four Evangelists (Gospel writers). The text of this part of the exhibition is here. We need to move on from a historic document, beautiful though it is, to the words and message behind it.

The first English bibles date to the fourteenth century. The translator Desiderius Erasmus wrote "I should wish that all good wives read the Gospel and Paul’s Epistles; that they were translated into all languages; that out of these the husbandman sang while ploughing, the weaver at his loom; that with such stories the traveller should beguile his wayfaring.” The Authorised Version, the King James Bible, was published in 1611. In the twentieth century various modern translations were produced - so there are plenty of bibles to choose from. If you would like help to find the right bible for you, please ask for help.

We have a Hebrew and a Greek bible, the Authorised Version and other translations. There is a bible in Braille, a Graphic bible, versions for young people, different translations and stories. We also have handbooks, commentaries, books for individual study and group work. In recent weeks we have been reading Ezra and Nehemiah at our Wednesday morning communion - you might like to browse some of the book about them. (James enjoyed playing behind the display).

There are daily bible reading notes, and a selection is available. (These are free and can be taken). If you like to subscribe in 2014, we can arrange that. There are also on-line versions of these notes - see

The bible and its stories form the basis of art, films and music. These inform and colour how we view the bible story. Everyone imagines that Jesus looked like Robert Powell. BCC series produced for past Easters, for example "The Passion" and "Tales from the Madhouse", would be a good start for discussion together. We could also meet to watch a film, discuss some art, or listen to some music.

Soon we will be celebrating Christmas. The Advent Procession starts the season off with a service full of scripture. Nativity Plays and Carol Services tell the story. "In the beginning was the Word" wrote John the Evangelist - how do we picture the story?

As a church we need to refocus on God's Word. A new Bible Study Group is now meeting on Thursday evenings, we have had good Lent courses in 2014, but we must be able to do more. A network of prayer and bible reading, and a network of welcome, would strengthen our life and faith. 

While his brother climbed behind the display, Daniel put Noah's Ark out for us.


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