The Parish of Ponteland


BOOKWORMS is our church book group, which meets on the second Wednesday of each month. We aim for variety, using the Library Lending Service which provides us with sets of books free. We do not have to spend time or money buying a book that possibly we may not like. It is good at times to have a book choice that divides opinions as it makes for an entertaining discussion!

We try to select shorter books at busy times of the year and longer ones for summer holiday periods. Sometimes we will plan an evening based on favourite books, sometimes we select readings we have enjoyed, and a future innovation will be to have an occasional evening viewing a film of a book we have particularly enjoyed.

BOOKWORMS exists to encourage us all to read books that we would not otherwise have read, and so broaden our experience and appreciation, as well as providing a basis for lively discussion (debate is too highbrow a word!) Those of us with living rooms spacious enough to accommodate us all, generally host the sessions which usually last a couple of hours with, perhaps, a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other!

If you enjoy reading and would like to join us, you would be very welcome. Just make contact via one of the telephone numbers below, or find us in ‘GRAPEVINE’ the Church magazine!

Our current reading list is:

12 Jul          - Eliot, Middlemarch (discuss September 13th)

9 Aug          - No Meeting

13 Sep        - Mason, The Piano Tuner (discuss October 11th)

11 Oct         - Obreht, The Tiger’s Wife (discuss November 8th)

8 Nov          - Picoult, Plain Truth (discuss December 13th)

13 Dec        - Barnett, The Versions of Us (discuss January 10th 2018)


For more information talk to Lewis Hanna

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